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repatriative possibilities

Golden goes home. She considers speaking to Elspeth or Harley, but decides that they probably wouldn't benefit from her inserting herself. She has Dwi issue the general announcement to whom it may concern about the return of Jane. She herself brainphones Nathaniel.

[Jane is back. You can go back to Samaria if you choose to, although you're welcome to remain in Aurum.]
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[Oh. Um, thank you, your majesty,] he says.
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[Thank you,] he repeats. [I will think about it.]

He snuggles Renata some more. Snuggling Renata is nice.
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Snuggles! Renata loves snuggling Nathaniel more than anything else. He is soft and warm and cute and she loves him so much.

A few seconds later, she goes still, which is mostly noticeable because before her fingertips were tracing a pattern along his arm and now they are stalled near her elbow.
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"Hmm?" says Nathaniel.
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"Dwi says Jane is back again," she says.
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"Oh. Yse," he says. "The empress told me the same thing. I'm not sure what I want to do. I want to see Micaiah and his family again, but I don't want to go back to what I was doing before... I wonder if Isabella would let us have a little place like this in Samaria somewhere. On the moon, maybe. I don't know if there are asteroids. Would that be good?"
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"I'll go anywhere you go," says Renata, nuzzling him.
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He smiles, and snuggles her.

"You're nice. Okay. I'll - ask Jane, I guess."

[Jane? Could you ask Angela if me and Renata can have a little house in space somewhere in Samaria? On an asteroid or the moon or something, close-ish by but not on the planet where someone might find us?]
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And then a moment later, [Angela says there isn't an asteroid belt in Samaria's solar system and she doesn't know how long Samaria's own moon will stay undisturbed at this point, but there's a cute little moon orbiting the sixth planet you can have.]
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[Okay,] says Nathaniel. [Thank you.]

"Jane says that Angela says that we can have a cute little moon," says Nathaniel. "Want to go to Samaria?"
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"I think I will say goodbye to the Joker and Nathan and Aedyt and Kerron first," he says.
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[Hullo,] says Nathan, predictably.
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Nathaniel giggles softly.

[Hi,] he says. [Now that Jane's back, me and Renata are going to go live in Samaria on a cute little moon. But I want to say goodbye to everyone first. Do you know what the Joker and Kerron and Aedyt are all up to?]
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[Nope, but I can find out.]



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Kerron is presently conferenced in. [Cute little moon, huh?]
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[Cute little moon,] Nathaniel affirms. [I'm told it is little. And cute.]
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The Joker giggles. [That's adorable.]
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[I hope you like it there!] says Aedyt.
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[Me too,] says Nathaniel.
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[You'll visit and stuff, yeah?]
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[Brilliant. Enjoy your adorable moon.]
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Nathaniel laughs. And snuggles Renata.

[We'll do our best,] he says.

And to Jane: [Can we go to Samaria now?]
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[I have to be able to see you. Show up at the Janepoint.]
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Nathaniel picks up his latest rubber band ball, tucks it under his arm, and teleports himself and Renata to the Janepoint.
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"This is the spaceship in orbit around Samaria. Angela will have your moon set up in a couple of minutes," reports Jane.
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"Thank you!" says Nathaniel, and he hugs Renata.
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Hugs! Spaceship hugs are like other hugs in that they are awesome and Renata wants to have them with her Nathaniel.
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Nathaniel can happily hug Renata for quite a long time without wanting to do anything else in particular.
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That is the best thing.
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Presently, Angela says, [I've set up a nice little place for you on the moon in question.]
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[Thank you,] says Nathaniel.

He teleports there, with Renata. There is a comfy couch. He sits on it.

[It's very nice.]
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[I'm glad you like it.]
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Snuggles! All of the snuggles with her Nathaniel who is the best.
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Many snuggles. Wonderful snuggles.

Yes. This was a good decision.
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Not that there would be fewer snuggles in Aurum, but yes.